Struggle: More women are juggling work with parenting. *iStock photo
Struggle: More women are juggling work with parenting. *iStock photo
Many challenges face women today  — but first and foremost in most minds recently is survival. 

Many women are now a major financial partner in the household. This brings added challenges to the work-life balance, as women participate in dual roles of working and parenting.

Women often feel guilty or encounter outside pressures when they have a career but because we are resourceful and determined, we succeed despite obstacles or challenges.

Networking and having a mentor generally helps. 

Sharing with individuals who have similar experiences and goals can help you overcome things that are out of your control. 

Building a solid base of support is integral to maintaining the motivation to deal with our ever-changing society and workplace.

The current economic environment is forcing us to become more creative in the way we do business. 

We should look at this as a way to advance and bring forth ideas that could heighten productivity and tighten the purse strings.

We should use our hidden talents and build better relations in the workplace. 

If you are in a managerial position, utilize the talent pool you have and allow others to participate in discussions about ways to become more efficient. 

Women have nurturing skills that enable us to build on relationships that will better position us to make and implement decisions. But this must not compromise the need for us to remain analytical and visionary.

In our business lives we need to strengthen the interest for training and development opportunities as a way of cultivating the more skilled and knowledgeable employee. 

This will ensure we stay on the cutting edge and in alignment with new trends. 

Today’s women must not limit their career choices —  certain jobs are not only for men. Do not focus on physical composition but on our mental capacity and leadership capabilities. We thrive when we are busy and multi-tasking.

To continue on the path to success we must not be scared to admit to mistakes but instead concentrate on the lesson learned from the error and move on. Do not give up — you will become stronger and more attentive to detail to prevent reoccurrence.

It is essential to take ‘me’ time often. This will ensure your brain and emotions receive adequate attention. 

It is never too late to start. My former school teachers would tell you that physical education was never one of my strong qualities. Who would have thought that at the age of 40-plus my best recreational interest is cycling?

It has become a great networking and social sport for me. 

Challenges will continue to be a part of your life — how you address them can determine your destiny.