WEDNESDAY, JAN. 30: For those who don’t watch American football, the Super Bowl has always provided plenty of entertainment with the pre-game and half-time shows.

Of course, many people just watch the game to get to see the latest batch of commercials.

It’s a match made in heaven for advertisers as its usually the most watched show on TV in the US for the year and many of those people want to see the latest from Madison Avenue.

But now companies are getting ahead of the game by releasing their commercials early on YouTube.

Last year firms found by having them out before the game helped raise the profile of the ad.

Here are three ads getting a lot of pre-game buzz.


‘Get Happy’

Dave from Minnesota walks around the office with a positive attitude and a thick Jamaican attitude all thanks to him being a Volkswagen owner.

It has over 1.5 million views on YouTube but has some garnered critics that it is ‘racist’. One person said it was “Blackface with voices”. That’s probably a bit over the top considering there are white Jamaicans and what does that say about all the white reggae singers in Bermuda using Jamaican accents?

The ad uses Jimmy Cliff’s ‘C’mon, Get Happy’ as the background music.


Megan Fox

Sex and comedy are usually attention grabbers for Super Bowl ads and Motorola has combined the two in one here. Megan Fox is taking a bath and decides to snap a photo of herself and asks “What would happen if I send this out?”.

A series of quick vignettes show husbands getting their faces slapped, a guy falling off a ladder and other calamities.



There are several car companies that have booked Super Bowl ad time, but this one gets a nod. While not as funny as the Volkswagen commercial, it does provide a couple of smiles as an American family meets their son’s girlfriend’s family who is from Italy. Fiat also has another winner with its second entry a woman on a beach and a scorpion climbs up her.


Kate Upton

The Kate Upton Mercedes commercial is probably the most popular of the pre-releases with over 5.5 million views on YouTube.

The supermodel gets her car washed in slow-mo (no, she isn’t doing any of the suds work on the car). At 90 seconds, it is also one of the longer commercials.



One high school kid doesn’t have a date for the prom but his dad tries to make him feel better by letting him drive the family Audi. (We all know that’s what all the cool kids are driving, right?)

Instead of finding his courage in a bottle, the kid gets it from driving the powerful car.

It has a few moments that will break out smiles, while others will groan.


Wheat Thins
Night Vision

All the chuckles in this one are right at the end as a husband tries to protect his Wheat Thins with night vision goggles.

It has a few moments that will break out smiles, while others will groan.



The snack chip has three entries this year: Goat 4 Sale, Road Chip and Express Checkout. All three were smile-worthy, but Road Chip may end up being the top one due to the baby in it.