MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19: A Sri Lankan national today pleaded guilty to pocketing $7,884 from an insurance company by claiming a coworker had surgery overseas.

Chandima Arachchige, 37, was charged with dishonestly obtaining $7,884 from BF&M by claiming Susanthan Wijekoon had surgery in Sri Lanka between July 22 and July 27 when he was in Bermuda.

She is currently awaiting sentence on a similar matter.

Arachchige pleaded guilty earlier this month to pocketing more than $60,000 by claiming she had surgery in Sri Lanka but was in Bermuda at the time.

Arachchige was arrested on August 20 by police officers on suspicion of theft for money she had obtained from BF&M for surgeries.

Crown counsel Kirsty-Ann Kiellor said the officers searched her home and seized a number of memory sticks.

On the sticks, officers found medical invoices, cover letters and diagnosis cards form a hospital in Sri Lanka.

The documents matched those submitted to the insurance company.

The name on all the documents was Mr Wijekoon who is an employee at HWP along with Arachchige.

Ms Kiellor said BF&M believed the claims were real and submitted a check for Mr Wijekoon.

Immigration officers determined he was on the island at the time of the alleged surgery.

When arrested, Mr Wijekoon denied having any knowledge of any medical documents.

Officers found out Arachchige went to BF&M to collect the check and deposited it into her account.

The matter was adjourned until Wednesday.