CellOne’s Crown & Anchor app
CellOne’s Crown & Anchor app

Cup Match is that one time of year that unites residents by dividing them. 

You’re either for St George’s or for Somerset. Pick a side – no neutrals please. 

There’s great banter between Blue and Blue and Red and Blue and heaven forbid if you’re wearing the wrong colour at the wrong club.

Everyone wants to get on the Cup Match bandwagon so it’s no surprise that people are using websites and social media to flag their allegiances. 

Here are a few you might enjoy:

Crown & Anchor

CellOne’s Crown & Anchor app is back. CellOne brought this out in 2012 and it’s proving that mobile phone provider can hit a six two years in a row.

You can play the game on their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/CellOneBermuda) and earn points for your team. 

The game starts you off with 250 points and you have the option to wager on one of the six crown and anchor symbols. 

They promised me “I’d be playing for hours on end” but if you’re as unlucky as I am, you’ll be broke in no time, but don’t worry, you can earn more points by inviting your friends to play the game too. 

Oh, and did I mention you can win prizes too?

The grand prize is one year free local service to be awarded to the highest scorer at the end of the four week play period. 

Each week the company will give away a smartphone to that week’s highest scorer. The daily prize is a beach pack for the high scorer.


The website, which is run by the Bermuda Sun’s parent company MediaHouse, is more than just about the game. 

Sure it provides updates on both Somerset and St George’s cricket teams, but it also has places to shop, the major must-attend events of the holiday, fashion and videos. 

This year the website will be steaming the game live so those people who are overseas will be able to enjoy the classic. 

One of the great features of the site is the Cup Match stats section (some of which are highlighted on pages 49, 52-53). It has a complete player listing of every person who has ever played in Bermuda’s greatest game. 

It is full of useful nuggets of information, if you’re willing to look for them. 

One example is that Greg Maybury has the best average of any bowler in this year’s Cup match (9.00). The next best? Chris Douglas at 14.50.


If you’re looking for a laugh or two, check out www.bermemes.com.

The satirists are doing a whole series for Cup Match and you can follow their Twitter posts  at hashtag Cupmatch (as well as others). 

They have quite a few memes up already that will give you a chuckle or two.

In addition, you can vote on who is going to win for Cup Match, St Jorge’ or  Somahsat (currently St Jorge’s is ahead 69 votes to 55).