Buy, buy, buy! Retailers are keen to make the most of the Christmas season. *iStock photo
Buy, buy, buy! Retailers are keen to make the most of the Christmas season. *iStock photo

UPDATEDecember 6th, 2013- The Bermuda Chamber of Commerce has been advised by the City that their free parking incentive only extends to the Number One, Number Five and the City Hall parking lots, and not throughout the City as first indicated.   

The Chamber wishes to advise the motoring public that they will only be able to access free parking at these three locations and NOT on City streets or in other parking lots as first stated.

The Chamber apologies for any inconvenience caused

The Bermuda Chamber of Commerce’s Retail Division is pleased to announce TWO pre-holiday shopping incentives.


Retailers have been granted a waiver to the Public Holidays Act, 1947, allowing stores of any size, island-wide, to open between 9 am and 9 pm on Sundays, December 8th, 15th and 22nd.

Secondly, following discussions with the City, Hamilton shoppers will have access to free parking throughout Hamilton, from 2 pm to 6 pm Friday, December 6th, and 8 am to 6 pm on Saturday, December 7th.

In making the announcement Retail Division Chair Paula Clarke noted; “We are delighted that the Ministry of Economic Development has granted us a waiver to the Public Holidays Act 1947, to allow stores of any size, island-wide to open as they wish, between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm on all three Sundays leading up to Christmas.   

“Furthermore, we would like to thank the City for forgoing their parking fees to allow shoppers the opportunity to ‘Buy Bermuda’ in comfort and convenience this weekend.  It is our hope that this added incentive early in December, will encourage shoppers to come into the City to complete their shopping before the last minute rush. We acknowledge that the holidays can be fraught with challenges and having just one less thing to worry about is a really nice way of saying thank you to our customers.”

Ms. Clarke also wanted to remind shoppers that the City will be open for late night shopping until 9 pm every Friday night now until Christmas. “There are just so many great reasons to shop in Bermuda this Christmas! Our stores are crammed with great holiday gift giving ideas and amazing bargains, and the City has arranged for hours of festive entertainment each Friday night now leading up to the 25th.” 

The application for the Sunday shopping waiver was requested as an interim measure, as the Chamber awaits promised changes to the Act. It is anticipated that the amendments to the Act will go before the House prior to the holiday recess, and if passed, go into law early next year.

While the details of the proposed legislative changes are not yet known, it is hope that once amended the Act will minimize regulatory oversight of the industry, thus allowing merchants to operate according to public demand.