WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27: Premier Paula Cox was awarded the Regional Female Leader of the year at the Biennial Women’s Empowerment Summit today.

The summit is being held in Nassau, Bahamas.

A press statement said Ms Cox was honoured for her contribution the political arena and also to the progress of women in it.

“Regarded as one of the pre-eminent leaders across the Caribbean, Premier Cox was selected for a number of reasons, including for the number of females represented in her current administration. 

“It was noted that this representation echoes a belief that effective governance can only be achieved through leadership that reflects the population.”
Ms Cox delivered the keynote address to attendees at the conference breakfast, and following the breakfast she was presented with the award.
She said: “It is always a pleasure to be acknowledged amongst peers for the contributions one makes.

“I am honoured to be chosen as a standard-bearer for both leadership and the progress of women in the political arena. 

“I believe it is the work we do today that reflects on the passage of tomorrow, and I am certainly encouraged by the recognition given by my peers.”