TUESDAY, AUGUST 14: In response to the Bermuda Industrial Union meeting that was held this morning in the parking lot of the West Pembroke Pentecostal Assembly, Pembroke, the employer, namely the Board members of the West Pembroke Pentecostal Assembly, who operate Playmates HY Nursery and Preschool, after much deliberation have decided not to renew the nursery license due to the economic down turn which has subsequently made operating the nursery unfeasible. The Board has therefore made the decision to discontinue the business and all employees will be paid their lawful redundancy payment entitlement pursuant to the Employment Act 2000. This will take effect the 31st August 2012.

The Board members deeply regret this inconvenience to the parents and children, and are making every effort to assist the parents with the relocating of the children to other nurseries.

In respect to teacher Ms. Keoki Dickinson, she was summarily dismissed for reasons known to both parties. If Ms. Dickinson has issues in that regard, we suggest that she take it to the proper arena.

In respect to the Bermuda Industrial Union and the employer, there is no union certification or bargaining unit between the parties.