OBA MP Nandi Outerbridge
OBA MP Nandi Outerbridge
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Today's headline in The Royal Gazette highlights a symptom of selective journalism that has been prevalent in Bermuda media for far too long. Sensational headlines to sell papers while diluting the truth. We call upon the editor of the Royal Gazette to abandon this irresponsible practice, engage in responsible journalism and work to overcome their obvious bias.

We find it curious that the OBA refuse to release the tape, yet allege that the tape contains something untoward. This is typical of the dishonest behavior we have come to expect from the OBA. For the good of the country, we demand that they release the full, unedited version of the recording of this private conversation so that the public can judge for themselves. 

We are supremely concerned about the conduct of Premier Craig Cannonier, Minister Shawn Crockwell, AG Mark Pettingill and MP Nandi Outerbridge.

PLP leader Marc Bean will speak to this matter and other issues tonight in a live interview on Let's Talk with Gary Moreno at 8pm on ZBM.