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Party Spokesman, "On The Sherri Simmons Show on Magic 102.7FM today,  Tourism Minister Mr, Shawn Crockwell stated that the Premier's Business Manager was a participant in the meetings held with the investor, the Premier, the Attorney General, and the Tourism Minister. 

Minister Crockwell's revelation contradicts the claim of Premier Craig Cannonier that his Business Manager was only "bumming a ride" to Washington D.C. on the investor's private jet.

Once and for all, we are calling on Premier Cannonier to come clean with all of the facts surrounding this trip to Washington, D.C.  The public has the right to know who all the participants were, what was discussed, what deals were brokered (if any) and any other pertinent details.

For us to have to pry it out of Premier Cannonier and Minister Crockwell shows a blatant lack of transparency and no regard for the general public.  It is not in the best interest of the government to act in this manner. It is obvious that Premier Cannonier has no problem with misleading the people of this country, and his version of events has now been contradicted by his own cabinet minister. 

The Progressive Labour Party renews its call for Premier Craig Cannonier to step down as Premier of Bermuda. "