OBA Chairman Thad Hollis *File photo
OBA Chairman Thad Hollis *File photo

The announcement by OBA chairman Thad Hollis that an internal investigation into a $300,000 donation had been launched was news not just to the public — but some of the party executive too.

The Bermuda Sun understands that members of the OBA executive were surprised to hear of the development.

And many party members were upset that Mr Hollis said that there was ‘some validity’ to a Politica report that made a series of allegations about the Premier’s dealings with US businessman Nathan Landow.

At a press conference on Wednesday, which had originally been called to highlight the party’s charitable work, Mr Hollis said: “I felt, along with the rest of the executive, that we needed to have a full-fledged investigation into that internally, and over the next few weeks we will be making our findings known as a result.”

But it appears that not all the Executive had been told of the existence of the investigation.

The Bermuda Sun initially asked Mr Hollis for details of the investigation and was told: “When the findings are concluded, the Press will be advised.”

No comment

And when we asked why members of the executive were not aware of the internal investigation we did not receive a comment.

However, yesterday, Premier Craig Cannonier welcomed the internal investigation saying: “I welcome and support any effort to ensure full transparency and accountability.

“The inquiry was approved with a view to clearing away doubts and questions that are distracting attention from the Government’s hard work to rebuild Bermuda’s economy and the much-needed jobs that come with it.” 

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