So the OBA attempts to blame the PLP for breaking another fundamental campaign promise.

Bermuda Sun contributors said their question was loaded.

The Royal Gazette said their question was loaded.

BEST said their question was loaded.

So why did the OBA fail to mention these entities as "undermining the Yes vote?"

This basically shows they have no faith in the voters of Bermuda. The voters of Bermuda should now have no faith in the OBA.

To say that they are extremely desperate is an understatement.

What the Premier is basically saying is that the OBA does not trust Bermudians to make decisions for themselves.

So instead of simply putting out a fair and balanced question, the OBA has said 'to hell with what Bermudians vote on what is best for Bermuda'.

So ask yourselves, Bermuda, if your government does not trust you to make a decision -  why should you trust them?

What will be the next promise that the OBA breaks?

Status or Government Jobs?