WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14: Barrister Nadia Hamza will take on sitting MP Dennis Lister in the PLP safe seat of Sandys North Central.

Ms Hamza said she had regarded herself as “apolitical” until recently.

She added: “However, at this point in Bermuda’s history, I feel I can no longer stand on the sidelines. I cannot, in good conscience, stand by and do nothing — doing nothing is not an option when Bermuda is in such real crisis on every level.”

Ms Hamza was speaking at the OBA announced her candidacy at the party’s Hamilton headquarters on Wednesday.

She said she had a particular interest in seniors’ issues and called for more financial support for homes for the elderly.

Ms Hamza added: “The least we can do for our seniors is to accord them the respect and dignity they merit and the care they deserve.

“They have paid their whole lives into a system which is now failing them. It is not acceptable to allocate funds to them only to take them back without apology and to leave those who are trying to do their best to help them woefully under-supported.”