SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2: It could have been scene out of a Hollywood movie as two men on a motorcyle were chasing another man on a motorcycle, shooting at him.

But it happened in Bermuda yesterday and landed one man in the hospital with a non-life threatening gunshot wound.

Around 5pm on Saturday, police responded to a report of gunshots in the North Shore Road, Band Room Lane Pembroke area.

A Police spokesperson said: "It appears that a man was on a motorcycle when two men on another motorcycle gave chase, shooting the victim at the junction. The 20 year old Pembroke man attended King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injury, which is not believed to be life threatening."

Police said a full investigation into this firearm incident is underway and  are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed any suspicious activity in the area, particularly anyone who may have seen two men on a motorcycle chasing another motorcyclist in the areas of Glebe Road, North Shore Road and Band Room Lane around 5pm Saturday. Please contact police on 295-0011 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

In a related incident, after police established a cordon at the scene of the shooting, a man on a motorcycle rode through the cordon on North Shore Road and proceeded on to Band Room Lane.

As a result, the man was forcefully taken off his motorcycle. He appeared to be intoxicated and was arrested on suspicion of impaired driving. He was then taken to Hamilton Police Station where he was processed and detained. A court appearance is anticipated in due course.