Two Cabinet Ministers are in Singapore to learn more about its gaming industry. Shawn Crockwell and Mark Pettingill flew out last week on a fact-finding mission.

Tourism Minister Mr Crockwell had recently announced that Government hoped to implement an ‘Integrated Casino Resort Model’ here, similar to that used in Singapore and Aruba.

Mr Crockwell said: “Of the models studied to date, Singapore’s endears itself to us the most because of its success at maximizing economic benefit and using gaming to benefit Singaporean society.

“We will be meeting with various Government Ministries, agencies and individuals to discuss legislative and regulatory structure and various aspects of gaming that would be best suited to a successful gaming model for Bermuda.

“We will also have an opportunity to examine the societal impact of the their model.  We are confident that our attention to the Singaporean model will preserve Bermuda’s profile as a reputable international business jurisdiction on the international stage as we pursue this exciting opportunity to rejuvenate our economy.”

The two Government Ministers were also joined by a technical officer on the Singapore trip. 

Minister Crockwell added: “The data shows that with the implementation of responsible and well-regulated casino gaming we can attract new high-end hotel brands and additional hotel inventory.”

A public education campaign on gambling begins next week.