FRIDAY, MAY 11: Environment Minister Marc Bean told a public forum last night that islanders could not afford to take their water supply for granted.

Mr Bean was speaking at a community conversation event organized by the Sustainable Development Roundtable called ‘Bermuda’s Water Supply: How Sustainable Is It?”.

He told the audience at BUEI it was easy to forget that Bermuda’s supply of drinking water is not overflowing.

Mr Bean added: “As many of you may know, the Government, in this case under the leadership of my Ministerial colleague, Minister Weeks, have been building water production capacity for a number of years through the development of Reverse Osmosis (RO) facilities.

“We are committed to continue to find cost-effective ways of addressing water sustainability.

“However during recent dry periods, demand for water has exceeded supply. As a result of lifestyle changes – dishwashers, washing machines, more regular showers – many residents use more water than we collect in our tanks.”