FRIDAY, MAY 4: Rebecca Middleton's parents are "disappointed but not surprised" by today's ruling that supports the Director of Public Prosecution's decision not to pursue fresh charges against the chief suspects in her murder.

Dad David Middleton said: "I am disappointed. We were hoping that we could move ahead with this but the judge has said no because it wasn't a special circumstance."

Mom Cindy Bennett said: "I'm disappointed he dismissed it but not at all surprised. I was hopeful for a more positive outcome."

She continued: "There's a need for a change in the law and maybe that's the purpose of this. Maybe Becky's case will be a catalyst for a change in the law."

Rebecca's parents split before her murder here in July 1996. They remain somewhat estranged but completely support one another in the continuing fight for justice.

Mr. Middleton says he intends to appeal to the courts here and if that fails, he will press on going to the Privy Council in London and as a last resort the European Court of Justice.

However, he said: "We feel that this is a problem that needs to be resolved in Bermuda. Bermuda created the problem and we think they should correct the problem."

Rebecca was on holiday here with her friend Jasmine Meens when she was murdered. Jasmine's dad Rick was in court for this morning's ruling.

Speaking afterwards he said: "It's very disappointing but we figured all along that we are going to have to go to a higher court to get some justice. It's like trying to nail jelly to a tree, but we are confident that sooner or later it will stick."

Lawyer Elizabeth Christopher who represents Justis Smith, who was charged and acquitted of Rebecca's murder, said after the ruling: "I trust that this is the end of the matter for what has been a very difficult situation for everybody."

Charles Richardson, who is representing Kirk Mundy, who was sentenced for five years for being an accessory after the fact in Rebecca's murder was not in court. Craig Attride, who was standing in for him, declined to comment.

Outside the court Attorney General Philip Perinchief said the Chief Justice was "quite correct" in his ruling.

He also said he sympathized with the family and that if he were in their shoes he would be doing exactly what they are doing. He also promised that as long as he was AG, he would work tirelessly to improve Bermuda's legal system.