A marine reserve could take many forms. 

Option 1
is to protect 3/4 of the EEZ (346,340km sq) beginning 85 nautical miles from the island out to 200 nautical miles. This would have a minor impact on existing offshore fishing but would restrict future off shore fishing and commercial activities.

Option 2
would protect 1/2 of the EEZ (254,023km sq), would not affect existing offshore fishing and would allow for some expansion. It starts 140nm out from the island and extends out to 200nm.

Option 3
would protect 1/4 of the EEZ (122,502km sq). Again this would not affect existing off shore practices and would allow expansion of fishing and other commercial practices offshore. Begins 178nm from the island.

Option 4:
We should not create a marine reserve around the island.

Option 5:
Propose a different design for a marine reserve.

Marine reserve: Q&A

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