MONDAY, SEPT. 7: A 62-year-old-man was shot in the chest during a botched robbery after a high stakes poker game at his home.

Richard Gaglio was still in critical condition at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital today, after the hold-up at a house on Hinson Lane in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The Smith's Parish property is known to regularly host organized gambling sessions and police are working on the assumption that gunmen specifically targeted the home.

The game - believed to involve sums of up to several thousand dollars - had just concluded and all but one of the players had left the premises when two robbers burst in and demanded money.

In the moments that followed, Mr. Gaglio was shot and the men fled with only a small amount of cash, understood to be a few hundred dollars.

Police believe they did not plan to shoot the man and aborted the robbery once the gun went off.

The property, which also includes stables and a horse riding school, is in a secluded area off Middle Road, and it is believed the two men waited in the bushes for the game to finish before they struck at around 1.30am.

U.S. crime scene investigators were combing the scene for evidence today as Bermuda police began a major manhunt.

"This was not a random residence that was targeted," said Chief Inspector Antoine Daniels of the Serious Crime Unit.

"It appears to be a more organized attack. That is what our initial investigations tell us.

"This is a house that is used for organized gambling... It is well known in the underworld what goes on here."

The Bermuda Sun understands that the gambling sessions held at Mr. Gaglio's home attracted people from all walks of Bermudian society. Though gambling is outlawed on the island, it is not strictly illegal to play cards for cash in your own home.

Small groups would meet regularly at the property to play for a prize pot of a few thousand dollars.

Police believe the gunmen may have been under the impression that there was significantly more cash involved, or were simply desperate enough to take such a high risk for relatively small reward. They say they are following all leads and have not ruled out the possibility that this was an 'inside job'.

Detective Inspector Daniels said there was nothing to link this weekend's incident with two previous armed robberies recently.

The robbers were both black, wearing 'head gear' and dark clothing. One was noticeably taller than the other.

Anyone who has information or who saw anything suspicious in the Middle Road area between Store Hill and Hermitage Road, is asked to call the Serious Crime Unit on 299-8106 or to call CrimeStoppers anonymously on 800-8477.