MONDAY, DECEMBER 31: A 38-year-old man who threatened a police officer at his mother’s rest home was today remanded into custody.

Paul Williams of Southampton pleaded guilty to uttering threatening words to PC Maxwell on December 29 in Southampton.

The court heard police were dispatched to the report of an annoying person at a senior’s residence on St Anne’s Road at 6:28pm that day.

The owner, Mrs Godfrey, told police her son, Williams, had been there asking for money.

When she told him no, he became agitated and upset.

Mrs Godfrey told the officers she had had to call the police on various occasions due to her son’s behaviour.

The court heard police found Williams in the kitchen and said he was aggressive towards his mother.

He said: “I’m going to kill you when I get out.”

To the officers, Williams said: “Wait til I see you off duty. Wait til I see you without a uniform, I’m going to get you.”

The court heard Williams is an outpatient at the Mid Atlantic Wellness Institute.

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner ordered pre-sentencing reports and remanded Williams into custody until January 31.