Dear Sir,

The Premier has not replied to the parliamentary questions with respect to if he met with Nathan Landow and did he bring his personal business manager to meetings involving possible casino investment.

The only information I can find on Nathan Landow is that he is a Maryland developer with ties to fundraising for the Democratic Party. His involvement in fundraising is overshadowed by reports of him shaking down the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indian Tribes for oil and gas reserves under their land. 

Tribal lawyer Richard Grellner told the US Senate Government Affairs Committee that in exchange for help with land claims, Nathan Landow demanded 10% of any development revenues and gas royalties on disputed lands, a bonanza worth $200 million back in 1998.

If the Premier took his personal business manager on board the jet to meet this potential investor instead of properly bringing civil servants, then not only should the Premier resign, but the Attorney General and the Tourism Minister as well.

Cheryl Pooley