Kevin Warner. *File photo by Kageaki Smith
Kevin Warner. *File photo by Kageaki Smith
MONDAY, MAY 9: Dekimo ‘Purple’ Martin was shot by a man who was considered a part of his family while he was in his own backyard, a Supreme Court jury heard.

Mr Martin, 24, was gunned down at his home on Peacock Crescent in Sandy’s at 1am on May 28, 2010.

The Crown alleges Kevin Andre Warner, 21, a friend of the family, shot him multiple times.

Mr Warner is charged with the premeditated murder of Mr Martin and possession of a firearm to commit the murder.

Crown counsel Carrington Mahoney opened the case to the jury this morning.

He told the six-men, five-women jury that Mr Warner had been at the Martin house that day looking for his friend, Kellan Lewis’s sister Chelsea.

“He was a close friend to Kellan Lewis and his sister.

“You will hear evidence that he was part of the family.

“Dekimo Martin was a cousin of Kellan Lewis.”

The prosecutor said Mr Lewis’ family lives downstairs of the Peacock Crescent home while Mr Martin’s family lives upstairs.

The court heard Mr Warner was in and out of the premises throughout the day, returning around 6:30pm.

Mr Mahoney said Mr Warner allowed Mr Martin to use his bike that day.

When he returned with it, Mr Warner left the house and returned back later asking for Miss Lewis.

That evening, the defendant was outside talking with the victim along with Robin Lewis and Anthony Seymour.

Mr Lewis then went inside the house and Mr Seymour left at 1am.

Mr Mahoney said: “As soon as he got inside, and laid down on the couch where he was going to sleep, he heard three gunshots coming from the direction where Dekimo Martin and Kevin Warner were speaking.

“He went outside and Mr Martin was found upside down on the steps.”

Mr Mahoney said Mr Martin’s Sister, Danielle “rushed outside” and saw someone running away from the direction of the house, near where Mr Warner had entered through an opening in a hedge.

“The person fit the description of who she described as Kevin Warner.

“Mr Warner came to her house earlier that night asking for Dekimo dressed in a certain way.”

Police came to the scene and Mr Martin was taken to hospital but died before he arrived.

Officers found bullet casings at the scene and a driver’s license belonging to Mr Warner.

Later that day, Mr Warner went to his girlfriend’s house in Hamilton and then turned himself in at the Hamilton Police Station.

He denies the charges and his represented by Kim Hollis, QC and Elizabeth Christopher.

Mr Mahoney represents the Crown along with Maria Sofianos.