We want more: John Legend revealed he had only rehearsed four songs with the house band but the ­audience demanded he stay on stage and perform.
We want more: John Legend revealed he had only rehearsed four songs with the house band but the ­audience demanded he stay on stage and perform.
Saturday night proved to be a great finale to the Bermuda Music Festival - both the performances and the M.C.s were fantastic.

Local comedian Nadanja Bailey kept the crowd laughing and had us captivated wearing a woman's tank top under his clothes in an effort to encourage the audience to purchase the shirts.

The festival was bursting with local talent including Rachel Brown and female vocalists The ­Secret, the highlight of the local acts. The Secret had an excited crowd singing tunes from modern day to old school songs like Boogie To The Music.

Local act Papa D was introduced as a talented performer who has opened shows overseas for renowned artists. In my opinion he was not up to par with the rest of the talent performing on the night. I think others, like me, were waiting for the punch line.


As expected, Chris Tucker was hilarious and entertaining, even breaking into a little song and dance. He also joined a cappella group Naturally 7 on stage during an instrumental Michael Jackson composition.

Naturally 7 are talented and anyone who did not see them perform missed on out. They used only their voices to emulate the sounds from various instruments which they ­call "vocal play". Getting numerous standing ovations from the audience, I would have to say that they were the highlight of the show. During a brief chat with "Hops" Hutton, the bass ­vocalist, he said: "I love it here and would ­truly love to come back."

Quincy Jones and his band ­performed before the Premier was introduced. He in turn introduced Shine Hayward to present awards to the families of past ­influential musicians, stating "every year we take time to ­remember those who have passed since the last festival". The awardees included Gandy Burgess, Lucy Simmons, Chalky Virgil and Antonio McMillan.

Siedah Garrett impressed us with her performance, singing ­piano bar-style tunes in a fabulous dress. She can be best ­described as a classical entertainer with great stage presence. She ended with Man In The Mirror - a tribute to Michael Jackson as ­requested by Chris Tucker.

John Legend's bedroom eyes and soft tunes left the female ­audience members mesmerised. He had only four songs rehearsed with the house band but the audience would not let him go that easily. He chose to perform solo with his piano. The audience was more satisfied but due to the ­expectations that Wyclef left ­people with on Thursday night, some still left disappointed.

Even though the show went ­exceptionally well, unfortunately during the final performance with the Warwick Gombey Troupe, backstage one of the dancers passed out and had to be rushed off in an ambulance.