The web has been abuzz with chatter about JetGate.

Earlier this week, party chairman Thad Hollis announced an internal investigation into the assertion that the One Bermuda Alliance received $300,000 in campaign funds. He said the party has no record of receiving the funds — and now everyone seems to have a view on the matter.

One of the most frequently asked questions was, how can the investigation be objective?

“Can someone say biased position? What part of independent investigation is not understood? If it’s anything like when they graded themselves on how Bermuda’s economy is doing, well let’s just say that I expect their ‘findings’ to clear our Premier. How dopey are we Bermuda if we accept this as a valid investigation?” 

— reader comment posted on Bernews

“An internal investigator must be able to investigate a case objectively, and this means that they cannot have a vested interest in the outcome. It would be extremely difficult for any member of the OBAubp to remove their emotions or bias from the investigative process. If the OBAubp allows a member or MP to conduct the investigation, this further will be a blow to the integrity of the party and government. It is extremely rare for someone with a vested interest in their political party to be allowed to investigate.’

— reader comment posted on Bernews

But there was consensus the internal investigation is a step in the right direction for the OBA.

“There are very specific allegations which seem to be getting the response they need.

It seems that the OBA are using this opportunity to prove that they’re different. If only other parties had done similar investigations (and presumably subsequent housecleaning) if unethical behaviour was proven”

 — One Bermuda Alliance Facebook page

 “I find the whole thing terribly sad. No one wants to see our country weakened by poor governance.

OBA executive committee has made the RIGHT call and you should be applauding them for adhering to the principles of the OBA constitution.”

 — One Bermuda Alliance Facebook page

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