Honey Adams-Bell says "do not be tempted to hit the crown and anchor tables in hopes of making a quick buck if you cannot afford it". *File photo
Honey Adams-Bell says "do not be tempted to hit the crown and anchor tables in hopes of making a quick buck if you cannot afford it". *File photo

Cup Match is my favourite local holiday, especially when the match is played in St George’s. I am a St George’s girl and a diehard St George’s fan. I am looking forward to watching my team win back the Cup as well as taking advantage of some of the added festivities surrounding the Cup Match Holiday weekend.

The one thing I do not intend to do is break my budget. No new outfits, no new gadgets to take to the beach and no ‘before, during or after Cup Match sales’. 

I will have a good frugal Cup Match weekend. Even my grocery list is on the lean side as I have expenses and bills that require me to hang on to every penny I can.

It is no secret that more money is in circulation over the Cup Match Holiday than any other time of the year. The temptation to spend is legendary and there are all sorts of ways to spend it this weekend. 

With this in mind, I encourage everyone to consider a few things before they splurge for the Cup Match holiday.

Have a realistic budget and determine exactly how much you can afford to spend, factor in everything, food, drinks, transportation, parking for the events, goodies for the children, etc. Be careful not to spend on those little extras that you did not budget for.

There is no shame in cutting back, skipping all of the costly indulgences and not trying to impress anyone, especially with the current state of our economy.

Buy only the necessities, and do not spend the money that should be going towards your monthly expenses and bills. Carry the exact amount of cash that you can afford to spend over the weekend and stick to the budget based on the money you have on hand. Leave the debit and credit cards at home to avoid the temptation of spending.  

If you are at the Match, do not be tempted to hit the crown and anchor tables in hopes of making a quick buck if you cannot afford it. The odds are not in your favour and, if you cannot afford to play, you definitely cannot afford to lose. Before you try your luck at the Crown and Anchor tables, consider the consequences of your actions — the impact it will have on you, your family and especially your budget.

If you are not going to the Match, depending on what you do this holiday weekend can also be expensive. 

There are a quite a few entertainment events going on, concerts, parties and the like. These all have the potential to be budget breakers. 

Campers will undoubtedly spend quite a bit on all of the goods and gadgets available in local stores for the ‘ultimate camping experience’. But be careful what you buy for your camping excursion and how much you spend to have your campsite fully kitted out. Think first – do I need it, will I use it (more than once) and can I afford it? 

Camping in Bermuda is a little more indulgent than in most places in the world and local campsites tend to be as equally equipped as our homes.  

Bermudians tend to spend quite a bit of money in the grocery stores over the Cup Match holiday. Shop smart — buy bulk and share the cost with your friends and family. Compare prices and avoid high priced products that are not necessary. Be very careful when buying perishables as they do not  last long, especially in the heat and we tend to buy more than we can consume before they go bad resulting in a lot of wasted food and money.  

Enjoy the holiday without overspending and breaking your budget. You do not want to spend frivolously and waste money on things that you did not want, used only once and could not afford in the first place. Have a safe and enjoyable Cup Match weekend.

Honey Adams Bell
is the education officer for Consumer Affairs.