Premier Craig Cannonier *File photo
Premier Craig Cannonier *File photo

A senior OBA source has told the Bermuda Sun that the internal investigation into allegations against Premier Craig Cannonier will help restore confidence in the party.

The source said that the last election the OBA ran on a platform of change and things were going to be different.

They added that it’s a “bridge too far” to say the Premier is corrupt as some have claimed, or that the PLP is hammering away at this just to make noise.

The OBA insider said the message of the last election from the people was not that they “wanted to get rid of the PLP, but that they wanted a different way of doing things.

“When you have queries and investigations ongoing into these allegations, they say ‘I feel a little bit duped because I voted for change. Not because I wanted to vote for Red instead of Green; not because it was a new party; I want my public servants, my paid leaders to carry out business in a robust way but in a different way.’ “When they don’t feel that’s being done, that’s where the hurt is.

The OBA source added: “I couldn’t care less who was on the plane. But ultimately, if it’s not a problem, you stand up and say ‘We got the money, or we didn’t get the money. We did this or we didn’t do this.’ There’s no reason to bob and weave. You stand up and you deal with it.

“I am certainly not discouraged by the other side asking the questions that they feel are necessary to get out the truth. There is noise that comes from the other side that is a distraction, but they are the Opposition and there are many things they have to do.

This is one of them.” The source said it isn’t a case of the Opposition trying to throw up roadblocks and trying to prevent the Government from “getting anything done”.

The source said by the OBA launching their own investigation it shows, “there is some merit to some of the queries made by the other side and the general public and it’s righteous to do that.

“I hope the internal investigation is carried out thoroughly and that it is a transparent process as well so people can take a look at what is done and feel confident about that.

“We are mindful of everything that is going on now and we, of course, hope that the internal investigation is thorough so we can be as transparent with the people of Bermuda, not just with party supporters.

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