Goal driven: Zakiyyah Showers, 13, has already set high standards for herself. *Photo by Ras Mykkal
Goal driven: Zakiyyah Showers, 13, has already set high standards for herself. *Photo by Ras Mykkal

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7: It seems like Zakiyyah Showers has been winning races forever, but the Sandy’s Middle School student is just 13-years-old. She had the fastest time at the KPMG Mile Trials for Girls Middle School with a time of 5:44.51.

Earlier this year, she was fourth in the 3,000 metres in the Girls Open Division at the Carifta Games, against competitors who were much older than her.

There’s no doubt Zakiyyah’s star is only going to shine brighter as she gets older.

She spoke with Don Burgess about running and the Carifta Games in Bermuda in 2012.

How did you get your start in track?

I liked to run and when I was in primary school I always did well in cross country so my parents put me in a track club.

What do you like about running?


What do you consider your first big win?

When I was in P6 at West End Primary I won the Front Street Mile.

I felt good and even though it wasn’t the first time I ran the Front Street Mile, it was my first time winning it and there was a lot of publicity from winning it.

What was Carifta in Jamaica like for you?

I was kind of nervous because it was my first time and everyone I was running against was older than me.

I was also nervous about how many people I was running against, but when I found out it was only seven, I wasn’t nervous at all.

What does Carifta in Bermuda mean to you?

It means a lot because I know I will do good for my country and when I run in Carifta in Bermuda, everyone in my country will be proud of me. And everyone will know who I am.

Do you feel you can medal this time?

I do because the people who were running against me were 18 and 19-tears-old so they won’t be in my age group.

What do you hope to do with your track ability?

I want to do well enough so I can get a scholarship from a college — especially a school that does well in running.

What’s the best piece of running advice anyone gave you?

Don’t give up and keep on pushing to the end.

How supportive are your parents as you train and compete?

Very — they take me everywhere I need to go. They push me to run and encourage me. They push me to do my best.

Did your parents compete in track?

My mother (Aretha) did track when she was younger and got medals. She did the 1500. My dad (Blair) also did the 1500 and 3000.

How easy it to balance training with studying?

I train four days a week so it’s not that easy because after training I have to come home and get right into my homework.

I have a lot of homework to do and on weekends when I don’t have running, I try to get my homework done.