The number three man on Stemedica's senior management team, after Dr. Maynard Howe, and Dr. Nikolai Tankovich, is Alex Kharazi, vice president of medical research.

Dr. Kharazi is a physician and also has a Ph.D. in immunology. He qualified in Kiev, the Ukraine, and according to Stemedica's website, received extensive training in immunology and cell biology, including tissue culture.

He has been a research fellow in Japan and from 1998 through 2006 was chief scientist of immunology at St. Vincent Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Cancer treatment

He remains on staff at St. Vincent's, according to the hospital website, where he is listed as a supervising scientist in its immunotherapy laboratory and "is instrumental in the development of vaccines used in the treatment of cancer".

Prior to joining St. Vincent's, he was the assistant research immunologist and research associate at the University of California, Los Angeles. St. Vincent's website also says Dr. Kharazi has conducted extensive research on age-related changes in the immune system, and has published numerous articles, abstracts and chapters related to immunology.

Dr. Kharazi is not licensed to practise medicine in the state of California, although the medical school he attended, the Kiev Medical Institute, is on the list of medical schools recognized by the California Medical Board. There is no suggestion that he has practised medicine without a licence or that his credentials are in doubt.

Dr. Kharazi was a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Aquaphotonics, a sister company to Bio-Hydration Research Lab, which manufactures Penta water (for more on Penta water, see Dr. Tankovich profile, left).