Hershey. *File photo
Hershey. *File photo

5PM UPDATE: Hershey the Pit Bull has been put down despite public calls to save him.

The pet, who police recently confiscated from a home, is deemed as an illegal breed in Bermuda.

Bermuda Animal Advocacy launched a petition against the euthanization of Hershey and in favour of change in the law pertaining to the ban of Pit Bull ownership in Bermuda which had attracted nearly 2,000 of signatures.

2PM: The Pit Bull Advocacy Group has made a formal request for a ‘one time amnesty’ for owners of illegal breeds.

The news comes as the fate of an unlicensed Pit Bull called Hershey hangs in the balance. Hershey, who is still alive, faces being put down after police recovered him from a home.

As of today, the petition will be officially submitted alongside a formal request for the amnesty for all dogs that currently exist and fall under the category of an illegal breed in Bermuda. The petition can be found here: http://chn.ge/IwqzbL

If approved, the amnesty would allow responsible dog owners of currently banned breeds, a period of time in which they could come forward, have their dogs neutered, micro-chipped and properly licensed without fear of prosecution.

In a statement the advocacy group outlined three key issues: “The Amnesty protects and respects the rights of the dogs and their owners: Through allowing responsible dog owners of currently banned breeds to come forth, and take the proper steps necessary to legally own their dog, without fear of prosecution in the process of doing so.

“The Amnesty protects and respects the rights of the general public: Through the process of having the current population of illegal, undocumented dogs getting properly documented, spayed/neutered and monitored by Bermuda Animal Control. We believe this serves as a humane and fairly balanced solution to controlling the existing population.

“The Amnesty protects and respects the rights of Animal Control and the Bermuda Government: Until the legislation is changed Animal Control is under direct authority of the Bermuda Government, who must follow current legislation. This amnesty serves as an opportunity and legitimately viable solution for the Bermuda Government to address and assist with the efforts of this movement without breaking any current standing legislation.”

A rally for supporters of the movement to end the current breed ban is currently being organized.

The public is invited to send in opinions, suggestions, give feedback or find out how to get further involved with this movement.

“We understand that the ultimate goal here is to change the legislation, but we are hoping that this amnesty will serve as a temporary solution to the issue of currently illegal, banned breed dogs. We believe it is fairly balanced in its approach, and serves to satisfy all sides of this issue.” The following email was created to facilitate this: bermudabanforum@gmail.com

The group post all updates and relevant information on this website as well as on Our Misunderstood’s Facebook page which can be found at: www.facebook.com/OurMisunderstood

Animal Advocates of Bermuda also launched a first petition to change the laws pertaining to the ban of Pit Bull ownership on the island and to cease the planned euthanization of Hershey which can be found online via http://chn.ge/1bNp99i