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A Supreme Court jury today heard how a loaded gun was recovered near the old Clay House.

PC Terry Thompson testified in the trial of Dameko Dublin this morning.

Mr Dublin, 19, is on trial accused of possessing a Smith and Wesson pistol between a date unknown and November 5, 2011.

The court heard armed officers were driving along North Shore Road early in the morning of November 5 when they saw a car and approached the area.

During a search of the area, PC Thompson said he found a sock under the fender of the car.

He said inside was a “hard, heavy object”.

He added: “Further examination and I saw it was a firearm.

“I immediately shouted ‘gun’ to alert the other officers what was going on and I placed the sock with the firearm on the trunk of the motorcar.”

Forensics officer Jewel Hayward arrived at the scene and instructed PC Thompson to put on a pair of latex gloves.

PC Thompson said: “I opened the sock. At this stage, I removed the rounds from the firearm and I saw it was fully loaded with 5.38 rounds. “

The officer told the jury he put the gloves, the firearm and the rounds in a brown paper bag and gave it to PC Hayward to take to the Forensic Support Unit.

The trial continues.