TUESDAY, DEC. 8: His Excellency the Governor, Sir Richard Gozney and the Premier, Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown, JP, MP, have issued the following joint statement:

We are both anxious to do all that we can to help and to encourage the Bermuda Police Service to combat the shocking rise in gun crime. In fact, we discuss policing in Bermuda together, frequently and intensively.

New legislation that will help has either been passed already or will soon be tabled. The police budget has been supported strongly.

Some U.S. police officers experienced in anti-drug gang and anti-gun crime will be coming to Bermuda to help the Police and to lend the Bermuda Police Service the benefit of their experience and expertise.

Meanwhile, the Police Service's disruption of known and prolific offenders is intensifying, helped by the greater scope given them by one of the new laws, the Police and Criminal Evidence Act.