TUESDAY, NOV. 13: Government shifted its electioneering efforts to the taxi industry this week, orchestrating an 11th-hour pullback on mandatory GPS equipment – an issue it has had years to resolve.

The OBA position on this matter has been clear from the start: GPS should be optional for taxi owners. If drivers feel it offers them a competitive advantage, they should use it.

This is about choice – freedom of choice. The Government has not wanted choice on this matter but now, on the eve of an election, the industry gets a statement saying it will, in effect, not punish non-compliant taxi owners for now.

Taxi owners will have to decide what’s real – the maneuverings of an election-time government or the government they get the rest of the time; and whether to stick with the Government’s heavy-handed, one-size fits all command or whether they want change that gives them the freedom to decide what works best for them. That’s the choice.