FRIDAY, OCT. 26: The Art Centre in Dockyard has stated that it banned photographer and city Mayor Graeme Outerbridge from the gallery due to his “continuous and persistent personal attacks”.

The comments were made in response to a story in last week’s Bermuda Sun revealing that Mr Outerbridge had been banned from the gallery earlier in the year. In the story Mr Outerbridge asserted that the ban was due to a disagreement over the democratic process in electing representation at the gallery.

Chair of the committee of management Margaret Potts responded: “With reference to the article in today’s (Friday’s) edition of the Bermuda Sun, and in particular Graeme Outerbridge’s comments regarding his ban from the Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard (BACD), we would like to clarify that this was the result of continuous and persistent personal attacks (verbal and written) on our studio artists, his libellous comments in the social media regarding the BACD, and his unpleasant behaviour towards our staff — not any one event, and certainly nothing to do with the governance of the Centre. It takes a lot of provocation for an organization like ours to take action of this nature — but there comes a point at which a line must be drawn.”

Mr Outerbridge was criticized by other artists in the story last week who had taken issue with comments he had made publicly as an artist via Facebook including “most art in Bermuda is a joke.”

Mr Outerbridge did not want to comment on today’s story though last week he stood by his comments about the island’s art.