K’Wonde Lathan, left, and Skyah Furbert, right, appeared in court today along with Terrence Christopher and  DeVaughn Whitfield. *File photos by Kageaki Smith
K’Wonde Lathan, left, and Skyah Furbert, right, appeared in court today along with Terrence Christopher and DeVaughn Whitfield. *File photos by Kageaki Smith

TUESDAY, MARCH 6: Four alleged gang members today admitted taking part in a bar brawl.

K’Wonde Lathan, 21, Skyah Furbert, 21, Terrence Christopher, 21, and DeVaughn Whitfield, 28, pleaded guilty to fighting in Docksiders on December 18, 2011.

Christopher also admitted assaulting Angelo Smith and causing him actual bodily harm.

Charges relating to the same incident were dropped today against three other men: Jermaine Lovell, 33, Ian DeSilva, 36, and Kenneth Caines, 27.

Crown counsel Takiyah Burgess told the court police attended Docksiders at 2:15am on December 18 after a report of a disturbance.


CCTV footage was retrieved from the bar and showed a large-scale disturbance, Ms Burgess said.

She continued: “It appeared a group of males were attacking two victims.

“There were multiple kicks and punches thrown and a bottle smashed over his head.”

Ms Burgess said the victim sustained wounds during the fight.

Christopher was identified as having been involved and his involvement was captured on CCTV. He was arrested and taken to the Hamilton Police Station.

The other three defendants were also seen participating on the footage.

The court heard Christopher was interviewed and said he was drunk and acted in self-defense.

Lathan was arrested on December 20 and admitted being at Docksiders but said he couldn’t recall being in the fight. Both Furbert and Whitfield turned themselves in and declined to comment during the interview.

The court heard all the defendants except Furbert have previous convictions.

Both Lathan and Christopher were on probation at the time.


Addressing the court, Furbert said: “I would just like to apologise for my actions that night.

“It was wrong and it will never happen again.”

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo gave him a conditional discharge for 12 months and said: “This is not the place and the time and the climate to be accused of being in a brawl.”


Lathan said: “I just want to say I acknowledge and take full responsibility for my actions and I apologise for those actions.

“Since being on probation, I have been progressing and moving forward.

“On this night, I let me alcohol get the best of me and I apologise for that.”

Mr Tokunbo said: “Too often young men come here and get in trouble. They’re big and bad and come here and can’t speak so they bring their mother or girlfriend to speak for them.

“I take that as a note of your intelligence and this was an incident that you regret and won’t repeat again.”

Mr Tokunbo extended Lathan’s probation for 12 months and ordered to him adhere to a 12am-to-6am curfew, stay away from alcohol and have no contact with his co-accused.


Whitfield also apologised to the court. Mr Tokunbo gave him a $500 fine to be paid in two weeks.


Finally, Christopher also apologised to the court and said: “This will never happen again”.

He said he had been accepted to a college overseas starting in September.

Mr Tokunbo said: “This offence is a little more serious than the other offences.

“I heard your guilty plea, what your counsel has said and what your probation officer has said.

“If you want to go overseas for school, you ought to be more mindful instead of getting yourself caught up in things like this.”

Christopher’s probation was extended by 12 months. He was ordered to adhere to a 12am-to-6am curfew, stay away from alcohol, complete 50 hours of community service and have no contact with his co-accused.

Electronic monitoring

All the defendants had been wearing electronic monitoring tags since their first appearance in December. The tags were to be removed today.