Former PLP Premier Alex Scott *File photo
Former PLP Premier Alex Scott *File photo

Premier Craig Cannonier has become more of a hindrance than a help to his Government.

This from former PLP Premier Alex Scott as the OBA announced this week it had launched an investigation into reports that the party received a $300,000 donation from US businessman Nathan Landow and associates. OBA chairman Thad Hollis said his party did not receive $300,000 from Mr Landow.

Mr Scott told the Bermuda Sun that the Government had picked up a lot of baggage over the ‘JetGate’ saga.

And although he thought recent developments would not cost Mr Cannonier his job, he said it would ‘hurt the party inside’.

Meanwhile, former UBP Premier Dr David Saul dismissed a series of allegations levelled at Mr Cannonier in a report by Politica ( as a ‘storm in a tea cup’

And he told the Bermuda Sun he was surprised that the party had even decided to launch an investigation into the donation.

Dr Saul said:  “I am surprised that the party has even decided to take the action of conducting an investigation.

“I do not believe there is anything untoward in what the Premier has said and I do not think it warrants an investigation.

“Nor do I believe his position is under threat.

“This is something that has been created by the media.” 

Allegations made in the Politica report that the OBA received a $300,000 donation from Mr Landow and other associates were this week denied by OBA Chairman Thad Hollis.

And Premier Craig Cannonier has flatly denied the claim that he asked Mr Landow for a $2 million facilitation fee following a meeting with the property mogul about potential development in Bermuda.

The Politica assertion was also denied by Mr Landow when he spoke to the Bermuda Sun.

However Mr Scott believes that events surrounding the so-called ‘JetGate’ affair continue to damage the Government’s reputation.

He said: “Whether there was misadventure or whether all things are as the Premier explained there is now sufficient evidence, at least anecdotal information, warranting an investigation into this affair.

“Because if not everyone in the OBA would be tainted as these were some serious allegations.

“My great concern always about gaming is that there is a lot of money looking for a home.

Mr Scott added: “If I was anywhere else I would say that given the public scrutiny and outcry this would have just taken the Premier and his Government down.

“The Government is taking quite a few hits.

“And whatever way you look at it this will hurt within.

“Having said that there are many true believers in the OBA.

“But the party has developed a lot of baggage and I think that the Premier is becoming one of the items.

“Rather than lifting them the Premier is bringing them down.

“Can he survive? I think he might, but for the reason ‘if not Craig Cannonier then who?’

“That is the rub the OBA will have to wrestle with.”

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