A spokesman for the Ministry of Tourism Development and Transport said today that the work stoppage by Marine and Ports staff this morning was unwarranted and an inconvenient disruption for thousands of residents who depend on a reliable ferry service to get to work and to get their children to school and visitors who utilise this amenity to enhance their vacation experience.

The work stoppage relates to an ongoing disciplinary action against a member of Marine and Ports staff in relation to a very serious incident involving two Bermuda Industrial Union staff members. The disciplinary process and investigation is still ongoing and no decisions have been made on what disciplinary action will be taken.

The spokesman said: “The decision to down tools this morning was entirely premature and there is no justification for doing so. Thousands of commuters and visitors, including the passengers on two ships in Dockyard, have been left inconvenienced by this wildcat strike. This is extremely damaging to Bermuda’s reputation and these sorts of disruptions cannot be allowed to continue.”

All Government ferry services are expected to resume by 12 noon when the first departure from Hamilton is scheduled.

The Orange Route between Dockyard and St. George’s is operating according to schedule today.