Residents have had to bundle up more than normal as Bermuda experienced 
Residents have had to bundle up more than normal as Bermuda experienced 

Today was the coldest day of the year with temperatures equaling the record for the lowest ever set for December.

The mercury plummeted to a chilly 50F, down from the 55 recorded on Wednesday.

The coldest day ever in Bermuda was 44F on February 27, 1950.

Kimberley Zuill, of the Bermuda Weather Service, said: “Our low yesterday morning in a cold shower containing small hail was 50F. This was colder than the coldest temperature last winter — 51.6F in Feb 2010.  
“This also ties our all-time record low for the month of December, which occurred late in the month back in 1955 and again in 1962.

“The previous record low temperature for December 15 was 57F, set in 1971. The record for December 16 was also 57F, set in 1973.

Ms Zuill said wind is not a factor because the temperature refers to the air temperature only.

She added: “A measurement that does include wind is called the wind chill factor.

“This calculation’s original purpose was to save lives when temperatures were cold and wind chill brought them down below freezing.

“Wind chill is not generally considered significant at temperatures above 40F and not officially calculated but, considering 25 knot winds at 50-55F, it would feel like 42-49F.”

The cold weather is not likely to ease over the coming days.

Ms Zuill said the Bermuda Weather Service operates an automated weather observing system that provides continuous measurements on the airfield.

From the data, there is a maximum and minimum measurement for a date.

There are also thermometers in a Stevenson screen that are manually checked.

To check the weather over Christmas, visit within five days of the holiday.