WEDNESDAY, NOV. 7: Good afternoon.

Thank you, Madam Premier.

I would just like to say a few words on behalf of the Ministry of Health, and also the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Wendell Brown, and Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Venetta Symonds - both of whom were unable to attend due to some unavoidable business of the Board.

I would first like to recognize the Maternal Child Team who have paid out of their own pocket for the awards and refreshments here today.

It is a true testament to the value and respect Drs Outerbridge and Miller have that it is the members of the healthcare team who work with them day in and day out, who truly see what they do each day, who have joined together to recognize your work.

The theme I hear over and over is that it is not just that you do amazing, high quality, clinical work.  Although you do.  It is not just that you are senior physicians who have achieved so much in their professional lives.  Although you are.

It is what you do every day. The support you have given the nurses and other physicians, both as professional colleagues, and, when needed, as supportive friends

It is as much about how you do your jobs and your commitments to do everything that is necessary for your patients.  These actions and kindnesses are not always noticed, and not documented in a medical record.

When you are needed, you have come in out of hours, at weekends, and you have helped those in our community who are without support or insurance. 

On behalf of all those here today, and those who could not make it, I would like to thank the Maternal Child team for organizing today’s event.  This event has been organized out of such great respect and friendship.  It is the best recognition that you can get and something you can’t study for or buy.  

Dr Miller and Dr Outerbridge, when the people who work alongside you and see you on the good and the bad days, put all this effort into recognizing you and thanking you, you know you are doing something special.

So thank you, on behalf of the Ministry, the Board and on behalf of the parents whose children you have saved and cared for, on behalf of all those who have benefited from your expertise and skill, and on behalf all of the community who can rest easier that you are here.