A pivotal figure in the JetGate controversy – the only key person never to discuss his role in the affair publicly – will break his silence tomorrow in an exclusive interview with the Bermuda Sun.

In a striking conversation, Steven DeCosta tells the Sun’s Simon Jones: “I’m proud of what we did”.

Prior to the 2012 General Election, the 43-year-old gas station manager had no political experience but found himself co-directing a grassroots campaign in a hotly contested national election. 

Later, Mr. DeCosta would be on a private jet with his friend and newly-elected Premier Craig Cannonier, Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell and Attorney General Mark Pettingill.  They met with casino developer Nathan Landow, the jet’s owner.

Mr DeCosta says he and Premier Cannonier – who ultimately resigned over the JetGate scandal – did nothing wrong.  However, he voices regret for having ever boarded the jet.

For the first time the Sun interview reveals the inner workings of the Bermuda Political Action Club bank account set up by Mr. DeCosta and American political consultant Derrick Green and also delves into the recently released Thad Hollis report.

In May, the Sun was first to confirm that Mr Landow and his associates donated more than $300,000 to the One Bermuda Alliance general election campaign. That declaration appeared to contradict OBA Chairman Thad Hollis who said the party never received the money.

A months-long investigative report released last week by Mr Hollis was largely inconclusive about where the money went, leaving a cloud of suspicion over Mr DeCosta and Mr Green. Mr DeCosta aims to part the cloud of suspicion in an exclusive Bermuda Sun interview tomorrow.

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