Mendell Outerbridge *File photo
Mendell Outerbridge *File photo

A Sandys man who sped away from police early this morning was left with an expensive bill when he was fined $3,150

Mendell Outerbridge was riding a bike along Church Street in Hamilton at 12:36am when officers noticed his passenger didn’t have a helmet on.

The officers followed the bike and attempted to get the rider to stop.

But Outerbridge continued driving at a high rate a speed, riding down several one way streets and ignoring traffic signs and lights.

Officers continued to follow him to Black Watch Pass when the bike slid out.

Crown counsel Takiyah Burgess told the court both Outerbridge and his passenger ran away from the scene but were apprehended a short time afterwards.

When officers checked Outerbridge, they found he has no driver’s license and the vehicle was not insured or licensed.

He also appeared to be intoxicated with his eyes glazed, speech slurred and he was unsteady on his feet.

Outerbridge was arrested for impaired driving and refused to give a sample of breath for analysis at the Hamilton Police Station.

Addressing the court, Outerbridge said: “I apologise for my actions”.

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner gave him a $1,500 fine, a one-year driving ban and seven demerit points for failing to give a sample of breath.

Outerbridge denied impaired driving and Ms Burgess didn’t proceed on that charge.

He was also pleaded guilty to riding an unlicensed motorbike, having no third party insurance, no driver’s license, failing to stop for police and driving in a dangerous manner.

He was fined a total of $1,650 and 26 points for the traffic offences.