FRIDAY, JULY 10: The PLP backbench helped defeat the cruise ship gambling bill in the House of Assembly today. The vote was 18 to 11, with seven PLP members voting against the legeslation, which would have allowed cruise ships to open their casinos in port from 10pm to 5am.

Premier Dr. Brown had pushed the bill as a way to attract and keep cruise lines in Bermuda.

He said: "I invited the vote on the Bill being reported to the House today. This matter has been on the Order Paper for some time and there was nothing to be gained from the uncertainty of holding it over. Cruise lines and tourism partners interested in this Bill needed to know where Bermuda stands on the issue. We owe it to them to say yes or no and to be clear.

"Today's vote was clear and the uncertainty is removed. Those cruise lines and tourism partners now know where things stand and can plan accordingly."

PLP members voting against the bill included former premiers Dame Jennifer Smith and Alex Scott as well as Ashfield DeVent, party whip Lovitta Foggo, Dennis Lister, Wayne Perienchief and Patrice Minors.