Rolfe Commissiong *Photo supplied
Rolfe Commissiong *Photo supplied

Statement by Shadow Minister for Workforce Development Rolfe Commissiong

Premier Cannonier during his last photo op continued to shortchange the Bermudian people by refusing to answer legitimate questions surrounding his relationship with Nathan Landow.  The Premier was also caught in another contradiction when he boasted about a fall in unemployment  on the same day that his government released a report that showed that our economy had lost 921 jobs under the OBA.

In his photo op,the Premier tried to take credit to a four year old initiative that has seen the availability of various training opportunities for our young people in India. This bilateral relationship with India had its genesis under the Progressive Labour Party Government and was the direct outgrowth of an initiative spearheaded by former Premier, Dr. Ewart Brown.

This relationship directly led to significant opportunities for Bermudian students to avail themselves of high level training and certification in the technical fields and in film making. That initiative, along with the Cisco Certification programme at the Bermuda College which was also implemented by the PLP, places us on  the cutting edge of high level training and certification opportunities for our young people.

We firmly believe that economic downturns can present opportunities for our young people and adults to re -commit to education in order upgrade their skills and increase their marketability in what has become a highly competitive economy. The PLP is committed to STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) and both of the above programmes can provide a pathway to success for those who are prepared to seize the opportunity.

The Premier needs to stop taking credit for work he didn't do and be honest with Bermudians about the OBA's  deplorable track record and his relationship with Nathan Landow.