Front Street *File photo
Front Street *File photo

A 26-year-old man appeared in court this morning for not wearing a shirt in public and had the charge dismissed.

David Robinson was charged with appearing improperly dressed in public on July 20 on Front Street.

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner read out the charge and stopped to question why Mr Robinson was being charged with the offence.

Crown counsel Maria Sofianos explained Mr Robinson wasn’t wearing a shirt in public and was warned by police.

“The act is still live”, she added.

Bur Mr Warner said: “These days, nobody can’t tell anybody to go put on a shirt.”

Ms Sofianos said the defendant was warned by police about the offence and told to put a shirt on.

Mr Warner said: “I see tourists around here running about the place, riding bikes without a shirt.

“That’s 30 years ago in the battle days.”

Ms Sofianos then said Mr Robinson was given the opportunity to “cover himself”, but didn’t.

Mr Warner, still not convinced said: “But you don’t understand. Nobody can dictate to anybody to put on a shirt.

“Not having on a shirt cannot be considered improperly dressed by anyone’s standards.”

Mr Robinson was also charged with using offensive words to a police officer on the same date.

He allegedly said: “F**k you and f**k off”. He denied the charge.

Mr Warner adjourned the matter to August 21 for trial and dismissed the charge of being improperly dressed in public.

Mr Robinson was given $2,000 bail with one surety.