A little satire:
If we didn’t laugh, we might cry. While the allegations swirling around the Premier and the Opposition Leader about bribes and taped conversations are serious and perplexing, our photo editor Gary Foster Skelton offered a little light relief with this Pinocchio-inspired montage. Both of them cannot be telling the truth, of course, and while the Premier has rejected Marc Bean’s claims as ‘bold-faced lies’, Mr Bean is standing by his allegations which, if true, would make the Premier’s denials untruthful. Who do you believe?


The last few days have been among the ugliest in Bermuda’s modern political history. 

Opposition Leader Marc Bean has made a series of allegations against the Premier that were rebuffed as “bold-faced lies”.

In response, Mr Bean said the Premier is using a “classic deflection” rather than answering “serious allegations” made by himself and Shadow Finance Minister David Burt. “I know what I’m speaking is the truth,” Mr Bean told ZBM.

The party leaders’ positions contrast so sharply that the idea of using a polygraph has been gaining traction on social media.

But first, the lawsuits. Premier Cannonier, Mark Pettingill and Shawn Crockwell have launched legal actions over comments made by Mr Bean and Mr Burt. Last night both PLP MPs said they had nothing to fear.

There is also the side issue of a recorded conversation between Mr Bean and OBA MP Nandi Outerbridge. Meanwhile, Mr Bean is pondering a push for a vote of no confidence in the Government. 


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