Rollin Nathan, Sales Manager, Bermuda CableVision, presents The Rollin Nathan Community Award to Bermuda Sloop Foundation. *Photo supplied
Rollin Nathan, Sales Manager, Bermuda CableVision, presents The Rollin Nathan Community Award to Bermuda Sloop Foundation. *Photo supplied

SUNDAY, JANUARY 20: Embracing diversity was the theme of the 8th annual Salute to Service CableVision awards.

Celebrating Bermuda’s unique culture by recognizing all the countries that make up the island was a huge part of the event held last night.

Sir John Swan was the keynote speaker and said it was more important now than ever to embrace the diversity in Bermuda.

“Without the numbers of people in our island. Without this diversity, we must lift the shackles.

“We must lift the cloud that hangs over it.

“We must speak up and also be must embrace people because we need them.

“The day Bermudians stop pretending we don’t, we will be able to fill the jobs.

“We will be able to create jobs for Bermudians.”

The Rollin Nathan Community Award went to the Bermuda Sloop Foundation and they received a $1,000 donation.

The Community Service Awards winners were Susan Moore-Williams, President of the West Indian Association and Andrea Moniz-DeSouza, President of Vasco de Gama Club.

Both women were given $2,000 donations for their organisations.

In addition, Bermuda CableVision made a surprise announcement on the night of $10,000 donations to the Anglican Church of Pembroke, Hamilton Seventh Day Adventist Church and The Salvation Army, in support of their feeding programmes for those in need.

The event was held at the Fairmont Southampton ballroom, which was filled with close to 500 guests.

Governor George Fergusson, Premier Craig Cannonier, US Consul General Robert Settje and various cabinet ministers were in attendance.

The entertainment programme included performances by Bermuda Islands Pipe Band, John Woolridge, Joy T Barnum, The Bermuda Pequots Community Dancers, The Bollywood Dancers, The Portuguese Folk Dancers, The Hispanic Association, The Filipino Dancers, Bermuda Donquilli: African Dancers, Island Rhythm and Ming Mambo.

The evening began with a Parade of Nations featuring the flags of countries represented in Bermuda.

Terry Roberson, general manager of Bermuda CableVision, said: “Achieving unity in diversity in Bermuda doesn’t occur automatically.

“As members of this community we all have a part to play in strengthening the social fabric of our island and ensuring a quality of life is sustained for all, regardless of origin or background.

Mr Fergusson said: “I send my warm congratulations to those honoured by Bermuda CableVision at its ‘Salute to Service’ event.

“This year’s theme of ‘Unity in Diversity’ is especially relevant in Bermuda as our population embraces a wide mix of origins, nationalities and ethnicities.”

Premier Cannonier added: “The cultural diversity of Bermuda is certainly something we should celebrate.

“The many international influences present on the island mean a wealth of ideas are brought to the table and ideas are vital to our progress as a nation.

“I am grateful to Andrea, Susan and the team at Bermuda Sloop Foundation for their strides in pushing forward the diversity agenda and I am pleased that they are receiving the credit they are owed through Bermuda CableVision’s award programme.”