TUESDAY, APRIL 19: Bermuda will celebrate Intellectual Property Day on April 26, with the focus on celebrating women.

“The purpose of World Intellectual Property Day is to celebrate the invaluable contributions made by innovators and creators across the globe,” said a Government statement yesterday.

“In honour of the day, the Ministry, through the Registry General’s Department, will be holding a special exhibition at the Bermuda Society for the Arts, honouring the works of Bermudian women who have made significant contributions in the area of intellectual property — this includes architecture, literacy works, visual arts and music.”

Female artists displaying pieces include Lisa Quinn, Sharon Wilson, Zuedi Hinds, Jill Amos Raine, Ann Spurling, Shelly Hamill, Nicky Gurret and Florence Maxwell.

There will also be a display by the Bermuda Perfumery and a documentary by Lucinda Spurling.

In addition to the exhibition, there will be a proclamation read by Patrice Minors, Minister of Business Development and Tourism, to highlight the importance of ensuring that all residents have a full appreciation of Intellectual Property in Bermuda.

Afterwards there will be a performance by acclaimed local musician Joy Barnum.

Mrs Minors said: “Since this year the United Nations is honouring the worldwide contribution of women in the past 100 years, we thought it would be only fitting to showcase some of our own incredible female talent in honour of World IP Day.

“We thought this would be a very useful way to increase public understanding of what IP really means and to demonstrate how the IP system fosters not only music, arts and entertainment, but also all the products and technological innovations that help to shape our world.”

The BOSA Exhibition will take place from 10am to 4pm. and is free to the public.