Premier Craig Cannonier should do the right thing and dissolve Parliament. 

This coming from Opposition Leader Marc Bean, who believes it is the best course to protect the reputation of the country. 

Mr. Bean said the One Bermuda Alliance Government has let the country down, citing examples such as JetGate, the abandoning of the promised referendum on gaming and corruption allegations.

The Opposition Leader said: “Many people have dismissed these claims by saying the Progressive Labour Party and myself attacking the Government and we are not focused on the business of the country.  Now after Ayo Johnson’s report has come out, now after facing lawsuits and using the concept of sub judice to silence the issue we see the OBA through their chairman saying they are going to launch an internal investigation. 

“That in itself is a flawed process when you look at OBA’s constitution. I am not sure who is going to investigate when it is the party leader who is the ex-officio of the disciplinary process so it’s almost like a cover up.”

Public interest

“If something is untoward then the Governor has to step in.

“Nobody in the OBA can say anything or conduct a process which is going to satisfy the public interest and this is where the Governor has to step in and ensure that there is any suspicion of activity that has broken the law then the Police Commissioner should also look to investigate.”

Mr. Bean stressed that the Premier should not stand alone.

 “It’s not just Craig Cannonier, Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell or the Attorney General Mark Pettingill involved. 

“Yes, they are [at the centre of it] but you have every other Cabinet Minister and backbencher who for 12 months have defended, protected and encouraged this type of behaviour and under the Westminster style of politics, collective responsibility applies. 

“You can’t separate yourself from your colleagues when things go bad but when things are good you want to join in and take the credit. 

“It doesn’t work that way…so whatever happens to the Premier should happen to the entire Cabinet also.” 

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