A terrific response to our school class photo (see above). 

Donna Carmichael, Meredith Ebbin, Kenny Harris, LaVerne Chase, Anthia Bean, Cheryl Kelly, Deborah Arorash, Karene Doors-Smith, Marilyn Stines Sannemalm and Calder Wilson Robles all either recognized themselves in the photo or had some history to share.

Meredith Ebbin and Kenny Harris helped to set the scene, telling us that the tall woman at back is ‘Auntie’ Nell Bassett (Mr Harris’ wife), a broadcaster who hosted popular children’s television show ‘Junior Club’ on ZBM in the 1950s and 60s. The other lady at the back is the late Winifred Nisbett, wife of Canon Thomas Nisbett.

Anthia Bean and LaVerne Chase let us know that the picture was of Southampton Glebe School (now Dalton E Tucker) at ZBM studios, back in 1963.

I have done my best to link the children’s names I was given to the photo. Please forgive any misspellings or outright mistaken identities!

1. Diane Burch

2. Ralph Dill

3. Randolph Smith

4. Kathy Thompson

5. Joanne Simmons

6. Gail Simons

7. Petty Ann Edwards

8. Debra Zuill/Simons

9. Jennifer Eve

10. Anthia Bean/Jones

11. Sheryl Kelly/Simmons

12. Deborah Arorash

13. Deborah Brown

14. Angela Philpott

15. Reginald Bean

16. David Burch (Colonel)

17. Frederick Blanchett

18. ‘Auntie’ Nell Bassett

19. Winifred Nisbett

20. Roseclaire Philpott (a prefect)

21. Roseen Philpott (a prefect)


The back row, which appears to contain mostly boys is a little harder to identify specifically, but some of the names I have been given are Lynn Burrows, Alfred Simons, David Rawlins, Edward Bean, Stuart Bassett, Wendall Woodgate Simmons, Edgar Burrows and Winston Robinson. Ianthia Simmons and Evie Bean were also mentioned.

Meredith Ebbin shared that Nell Bassett was such a standout broadcaster that a New York radio station hired her and she went on to have a successful career in the US. 

Photo courtesy of Scott Stallard

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