Carla Zuill, Bermuda Sun journalist
Carla Zuill, Bermuda Sun journalist

There are many words that can be used to describe Ayo Johnson — persistent, thorough and headstrong are just a few. 

Today, Mr Johnson launches Think Media, an independently-run news outlet that promises to be unfiltered and most importantly, unbiased.

Over the weekend, I interviewed Mr Johnson for tonight’s edition of Straight Talk. I had plenty to ask and if you know Mr Johnson, you can rest assured he had plenty to discuss. 

So, as many of you know, I wear a different weave or wig at each taping of the show and this weekend was no different. Or so I thought. 

He arrived as my make-up was being done. We laughed and talked. I slipped into my dress but when I went to put on my wig you would have thought the world had come to a screeching end. 

“What are you doing?” he asked me incredulously, his booming voice resonating throughout the building. 

“You do not need that. If you wear it, I will not do your show!”

Insert incredulous stare from me here.

“Are you serious? I haven’t even combed my hair today.” 

“What’s to comb,” he retorted. “Your hair is beautiful, do not cover it up.”

He then proceeded to pick up his bags to leave.

For a hot second, I was prepared to let him walk out the door but I stopped and thought for a minute.

While his actions could be so easily misconstrued, for me he just validated exactly what Think Media was all about. A man who is not afraid to stand up for what is right. A man who is deeply rooted in his principles. A believer.

While many of us complain behind closed doors, he has no problems allowing his voice to be heard. To some he can be seen as odd, but to many he is courageous.

Mr Johnson is very passionate about the mandate of Think Media and most importantly why he believes Bermuda is in dire need of an organization like this. Always forthright, his viewpoint can sometimes make you cringe, but most times it’s because it’s steeped in truth…something Bermudians sometimes have a hard time digesting. 

To hear what Mr. Johnson has to say…and who he is sending out a stern warning to, tune in to Straight Talk with Carla Zuill tonight at 8pm  on Channel 82.