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A restaurant owner was battered by two helmet-wielding thugs after he refused to serve a customer after hours, the Bermuda Sun can reveal.

The attack left the boss of a Hamilton city centre restaurant needing surgery to repair a fractured eye socket and he has still not returned to work.

Hamilton Town Crier Ed Christopher, who tried to help the man as he was attacked, said: “If nobody else had been there, they would have killed him or injured him more seriously.”

The Bermuda Sun is aware of the identity of the injured man, but has chosen not to identify him or his cafe. We spoke to his wife but she was too distressed to comment.

Mr Christopher said he and some other friends were in the closed restaurant in the early hours of last Thursday following Harbour Nights to discuss future business opportunities when the man was attacked.

It is understood a man entered through the shut, but not locked, entrance and was told the restaurant was closed, which led to a scuffle and the two men wrestling on the ground.

The thug left after Mr Christopher and colleagues broke up the attack — but the attacker came back with another man minutes later as the restaurant boss was heading to lock up the entrance and attacked him without warning.

Mr Christopher said: “One came running up the entranceway and attacked him with a helmet and the other one hit with a helmet from the back and knocked him to the ground.

“I went to see if he was all right — at the same time two other gentlemen went after the guys and they got hit by helmets as well.

“I was helping him up off the ground — I tried to run out and get a license number.”

The two men escaped on a single scooter, which was parked nearby.


Mr Christopher said: “It’s a very quiet and well-run place and the attack was completely unprovoked. Because the entrance was closed, I don’t think they expected anyone else to be there.”

A police spokesman confirmed officers were investigating the incident and last night gave descriptions of the two suspects: “The first suspect is described as a dark skinned man between 5’6” – 5’10” tall of slim build with a close haircut wearing a white T-shirt.

 “The second suspect is described as a light skinned man between 5’6” – 5”10” tall with a shaved head wearing a dark coloured T-shirt and dark coloured pants. Both suspects are believed to be in their 20s.

 “Anyone with any information should contact PC Kidane Collins on 295-0011.”