A night of culture: Last year’s Art Walk in the East drew crowds from around the island. This year’s event promises to be even better. *File photo
A night of culture: Last year’s Art Walk in the East drew crowds from around the island. This year’s event promises to be even better. *File photo

FRIDAY, OCT. 12: Painters, sculptors, dancers, singers, poets and even a drag queen will be out in force in St George’s next Saturday as part of the second Art Walk In The East.

The Old Town will be bursting with creativity and promises to be bigger and better than last year’s event which managed to draw crowds from around the island.

This year funds were raised by the St George’s Artists Alliance including the Bermuda Arts Council, Cablevision, the Corporation of St George’s, The EEZA, Blush, Retox, Fatimaya, and from Andrew Simons. The Art Walk is a low budget event but the money has allowed organizers to include more performers.

One organizer, local artist Ami Zanders told the Sun: “The purpose of the Art Walk is to promote art in all its forms, from pottery making and cedar carvings, to pastel and oil paintings, to weaving, singing, dancing, instrumentals, and spoken word artists. Locals and visitors will be able to explore traditional art studios and galleries, as well as works from artists that will be presented in a more bohemian style setting.

“It’s a self-guided walking tour located throughout the Old Towne of St George’s. We have a really amazing line-up for the night not just with artists but performers as well such as (Queen of Bermuda) Sybil Barrington, Quinn, Mike Hind, Joy Barnum and Tony Bari. Laurel Monkman will be doing a spoken word piece as well.”

The number of visual artists has also grown from last year. Among those participating are Sharon Wilson, Monica Jones, Milton Hill, Jill Raine, Ronnie Chameau, Alexandra Mosher, Christopher Grimes, Chesley Trott, Lori Burchall, Michael DeSilva, Mark Henderson, Anne Kermode, Lisa Green, Juanita LaShore, Donna Smith, Emma Ingham.

Manuel Palacio and the EEZ will bring with him the North Hamilton Gallery that took place in Court Street this summer.

The B.A.R.U. group (Bermudian Artists Rise Up) will be holding its art opening at Polaris Restaurant. Polaris is going to start exhibiting frequent art shows and the first one will be held at the Art Walk including work by Summer Wood, Dany Pen, and Calix Smith to name a few.

Alan Smith will be projecting video images off of walls while James Cooper will have a sculptural surprise that will be in the truck of his car. 

The Heritage Museum will play Andrew Stevenson’s documentary Where the Whales Sing which was last year’s Charman Prize winner.

Zanders added: “There will be other surprises popping up throughout the town. Art will be everywhere including a henna tattooist. The starting point will be the Heritage Museum, all along Water Street, onto the Kings Square, Ordinance Island will have an interactive graffiti section, East End Flower Alley will be exhibiting as well. The final locations will be on Featherbed Alley where Emma Ingham and Charles Zuill have their studios in the St George’s Historical Museum and the new hair salon S Factor Salon will be taken part in this event as well.

“You should come to this event, one because it’s free. Two because where else are you going to see so much awesomeness in one place and three because it’s going to be the event of the year.”

The Art Walk In The East  is on Saturday, October 20 in St George’s. The Walk starts at 6pm and continues until 1am. The event is free.